Whether you need advice and/or resources to arrange care for a loved one, require assistance with resolving conflicts among family members and other caregivers, or have concern for the safety and well-being of someone in your community, Compassionate Community Care can help.

We can help you find answers to questions about end-of-life concerns, navigate the health care system, and/or find the educational and support resources you deserve.

Call Compassionate Community Care toll-free at: 1.855.675.8749

Services we provide include:

  • Care planning
  • Patient advocacy
  • Health care system navigation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Education
  • Pain and symptom management review and advice
  • Help with all euthanasia and assisted suicide issues

Care Planning

If you are facing an end-of-life journey or need support with care for a chronic illness, CCC can help in a number of ways. We can review your existing care plan to offer suggestions, alternatives, complimentary therapies, and/or provide reassurance that the best plan of care is already being provided. We can also develop a new care plan should you wish to become a client of CCC, with our own Detailed Plan of Care.

In order to ensure the best possible care, you need to have a Power of Attorney for Personal Care. CCC has training and experience in the development of individual care plans. We will work with you to review your current plan of care and to develop a revised plan that is designed to meet all of your physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs. Care plans should be reviewed when your needs change to ensure their continued efficacy and success. Joint collaboration in creating and maintaining the plan results in the highest possible level of care at all stages.

Aside from weekly supports, Power of Attorney, and consultation for financial, legal, and medical end-of-life issues encompassed by a Detailed Plan of Care, CCC also provides referrals for professional services that go beyond the scope of our team. These include lawyers, personal support workers, social workers, grief and thanatology counselors, therapists, doctors, and registered nurses.

Patient Advocacy

If you find yourself questioning the medical treatment or personal care that is being offered, you have concerns about end-of-life issues, and/or there is conflict among the decision makers and family members of your loved one, we can provide advice and support. CCC will review the information and the overall care plan then offer advice and changes required to meet the needs of the family, caregivers and the person receiving care.

If you are concerned for your own safety or that of a loved one, we can connect you with advocates and legal experts to help ensure safe care.

Health Care System Navigation

The health care system is often daunting and confusing to navigate. CCC offers experience and knowledge that will save time and energy as you find your way around the ever-changing health care system. Our goal is to ensure you or your loved one get the best possible care.

Conflict Resolution

The CCC team of health care professionals and other advocates can help you resolve conflicts with the medical team providing your care. Conflict resolution is a priority in providing excellent care. We are effective in dealing with conflict situations and creating mutually beneficial solutions.

If there is a conflict within your family regarding the care of a loved one, we can assist by reviewing all the pertinent information and developing a plan to achieve resolution. We can also connect you with additional resources if necessary to assist you in resolving the conflict.


Many of us do not feel fully equipped to deal with the health care system, chronic conditions and end-of-life concerns. The staff at CCC has many years of experience in providing education in the health care sector and beyond. CCC offers educational opportunities for the public at large, as well as for health care professionals.

Those wishing to become Volunteer Visitors at CCC to deliver our support services to the homes of vulnerable persons must undergo 8 hours training from a Registered Nurse, fill out volunteer intake documents for skill set identification, and get a police record check.

Interested members of the general public can receive a condensed 2-hour session on general end-of-life issues and how to take on the task of caring for a vulnerable loved one facing disability, chronic pain, or terminal illness. Sessions are available by appointment or scheduled presentations to community groups.

Education is a powerful tool that enables you to make informed decisions in the midst of potentially difficult and emotional situations and give truly informed consent. We can develop an education package that is tailored to your specific needs and provide presentations to make sure you receive all the information you require.

Pain and Symptom Management Review and Advice

At CCC, we believe pain can be effectively managed when total pain is addressed. This includes the social, spiritual, and psychological aspects of pain. Our focus is not only on physical pain, which can be effectively treated.

CCC will review your existing care and offer suggestions leading to the total control of pain. We can connect you with additional resources in your community to provide effective support. We can also connect you with community resources that focus on the social, spiritual, and psychological supports needed to relieve the burden on caregivers.

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Medical assistance in dying has been a much debated issue in Canada. Despite it's legalization in June of 2016, we at CCC believe that all human life should be equally respected until natural death. If you feel that euthanasia and/or assisted suicide are options you wish to explore for yourself or a loved one, we can provide education about other options to lessen your fear of suffering, pain, and/or dying. By fully exploring alternatives, CCC demonstrates that high quality care, along with true palliative care, is the best option in end-of-life and chronic care situations.

If you believe that you or your loved one is being treated in a manner whereby medical treatment or basic personal care is being withheld or deemed futile due to disability, chronic illness or an end-of-life diagnosis, we can help determine if the care offered is in the best interest of the patient. If not, we can advocate on the patient’s behalf and/or offer the assistance of legal experts.



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