About Us

Compassionate Community Care is a registered non-profit organization comprised of health care professionals, advocates, and volunteers who provide a variety of support services to clients and their families during times of illness and crisis. We provide a complete circle of compassionate care that recognizes and respects the physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs of those involved.

We at CCC believe that all human life has equal dignity, and that every person deserves to be treated with respect and compassion while receiving the care they need and deserve. Whether you are facing a chronic condition, disability or end-of-life situation, we are here to help.



The 5 core activities of Compassionate Community Care are as follows:


1.      To provide non-medical support services for persons who are vulnerable to depression, isolation, loneliness, pain and death due to age, terminal illness, disability or other conditions (“Vulnerable Persons”), including personal care, housekeeping, meals, shopping assistance and transportation to medical appointments and to provide emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual and other forms of support and encouragement to Vulnerable Persons in furtherance of the respect for the sanctity and dignity of human life.

2.      To grow in numbers and resources to eventually provide and operate a facility that will provide care to Vulnerable Persons who are in the process of actively dying, in order that they may do so with dignity.

3.      To provide respite to persons caring for Vulnerable Persons by providing temporary care to Vulnerable Persons and by providing such services as housekeeping, meal preparation, nursing, and shopping assistance.

4.      To train volunteers and professionals to provide non-medical support services to Vulnerable Persons.

5.      To educate the public and professionals about end-of-life issues and the other issues relevant to the care and protection of Vulnerable Persons by offering courses, seminars, conferences, and meetings and by collecting and disseminating information on that topic.